WELCOME TO VIRTUAL "trail des tranchées®"

Historically created in memory of the WWI French soldiers who fought on the Battlefield of Verdun, the Trail des Tranchées ® has become, thanks to you, a major event in our territory.


With a continuing health crisis, the Trail des Tranchées ® becomes in 2021, for everyone's safety, a virtual race.


Objective number 1 is to carry on providing the duty of remembrance, so important, without forgetting the usual values of the event...


Commemorate, discover, respect, have fun and sweat !


We're counting on you to bring these beautiful values to life, through your virtual Trail des Tranchées ®, while respecting the health measures in force.

What is a virtual Trail?


A virtual trail race consists of being able to run in "almost normal" conditions, but solo for safety.

The mileage offered for each virtual Trail des Tranchées ® race remains the same as for the usual event - 15 km / 32 km / 55 km. The elevation gains typical of our territory cannot be a criterion because each territory has its own characteristics.


Why race the virtual Trail des Tranchées®

We suggest that you perform at your best, in memory of WWI French soldiers , in the environment of your choice over the usual distances.

It can be a good preparation or training alternative in your annual calendar; or allow you to prepare for the next edition of the Trail des Tranchées ® on the Verdun Battlefield... 


Plus, it's free !!!

How it works?

  1. I choose my distance and I register.
  2. I receive my bib by email and print it to wear it on the day of my race.
  3. I do my feat when and where I want with or without a smartwatch*. If I'm motivated, I take a picture of myself with my bib to share it with #TDTVIRTUEL
  4. I upload my result in my personal space (with the link received at the registration).

I'm ranked and I share my results ! 


*Participants download the application of their choice (free) or use their connected watch to record their performance.


• APPS : Runkeeper / Strava / Endomondo

• WATCHES : Garmin / Polar / Tomtom sports


The connected watch is not required to participate.

However, as the preamble points out, the GPX file will be requested for the first 20 of each race.

What can we win?

For the first 3 of each distance - men and women combined - we will send the TDT Collector's Pack by post.

We keep in touch with the #TDTVIRTUEL

During my virtual Trail des Tranchées ® I take a picture with my bib.

> To make a warm and friendly wall to better meet during the next edition !

> To discover, in the background, your territory, its wealth, whether historical or natural ! An unmissable place in your region, for example. Let us travel and share your experience. 

If I've been to the event before, I can wear my Trail des Tranchées ® T-shirt from previous editions, or even my medal...

Or if it's my first time, I can dress up as a WWI French soldier or just wear my bib... 


Give free rein to your imagination to take moving, surprising photos in your image.

Share them with #TDTVIRTUEL and we'll share them on our social networks!

Photos ©Cécile THOUVENIN / Tourisme Grand Verdun - ©Isabelle DE IORIO - ©Sonia BOUMESSAOUD